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While some of your expenses require planning and weighing all pros and cons, there are some situations when you may need instant money to solve your financial emergencies. Whether we’re talking about medical bills or credit card payments, quick loans same day can become your financial assistance and help you cover unexpected expenses.

At Hugo Payday Loans, we are always ready to help you find an online lender in terms of any financial difficulties you face!

What Is a Same-Day Loan?

Cash advance online same-day loans are one of the easiest ways to borrow money to solve your financial problems. They are short-term loans with a maximum loan amount of up to $1000, depending on the state and the direct lender.

Same-day loans are usually repaid in one lump sum. Loan terms are typically set by your next paycheck. As the loan amount is limited, it’s easy to repay the money and don’t get stuck in debt.

As we’re working with a huge base of reliable direct lenders, you’ll definitely find the one that suits your current needs.

Cash advance online same-day loans

How Do Same-Day Cash Loans Work?

Cash loans same day are usually easy to get. However, there are several common steps you should take to get a loan immediately on your bank account:

  • Application. To apply for an online loan with same-day approval, you should fill out the form on our website. The loan process is usually easy and takes a few minutes;
  • Loan decision. Once you submit the loan request form, we get your application and share it within our base of online lending companies through a secure connection. It usually takes 5 to 15 minutes for lenders to check the information and send you a lending decision. If approved, you’ll get a loan offer by email.
  • Signing a loan agreement. If one of our online lenders approves your same-day payday loan and sends you a loan offer, you should read the terms and conditions to ensure they suit you. Read the fine print. It may contain information about interest rates and repayment periods and some additional but important conditions. If they suit you, you must sign the loan agreement.
  • Getting the money. After signing, the lender will deposit your fast cash loan on your account as soon as the next business day. You can get the money earlier if you apply in the morning of the working day. In this case, you’ll get same-day funding. The particular lender will deposit the requested loan amount into your bank account.
  • Repaying the loan. The repayment period is usually short, so you should turn the money back till your next paycheck. This is an automatic process. Your lender will withdraw the initial loan amount plus fees from your checking account on the due date.

Apply now and get your money as soon as the next working day or even earlier! Almost all processes are online, and you don’t need to leave your home or get away from important work.

How Much Do Same
Day Loans Cost?

Loan costs mean not only the amount that the lender gives you but the whole sum you have to repay to the lender by the next paycheck. This sum includes interest rates plus fees. The amount of a loan fee might range from $10 to $30 for every $100 borrowed. The exact amount depends on the state and the lender. For example, if you borrow $500, the total cost of your loan may come to $650 depending on the conditions of your agreement.

Same Day Loans Cost

How Do Same-Day Loans Direct
Lender Differ from Fast Personal Loans?

There are five main differences between the same day payday loan and a personal loan:

  • Repayment period. All same-day loans have shorter terms due to their specificity. Borrowers must repay them by the next paycheck in one lump sum. Personal loans typically have longer terms that are usually from 24 to 60 months. Payments are made in equal installments. The loan amount plus interest is divided equally between the number of months of the repayment period;
  • Maximum loan amounts. As same-day loans have shorter terms, loan amounts are also limited for the comfort of borrowers. Personal installment loans allow to get up to $10,000 and serve as a good long-term solution;
  • Annual percentage rate. Same-day payday loans always have higher APR and fees. It may come to almost 400 percent when APR on personal loans usually ranges from 12 to 30 percent;
  • Credit check. Same-day online loans are easier to get. They are available even for customers with poor credit scores. Many lenders usually don’t provide hard credit checks and pay attention only to borrowers’ income. Their main criteria are your ability to repay the money. Traditional lenders, such as banks and credit unions, always pay attention to information from your credit report. Your loan request can be rejected if you have bad credit and try to get a loan from a traditional lender. As they always provide hard credit checks, it also lowers your credit score by a few points;
  • Requirements. The loan request process is much easier if you apply for instant loans. A lending company usually has lower requirements than a bank. You also don’t need to gather documents and wait for loan approval for days or even weeks. Personal loans have strong requirements for your documents and credit score.

So, you can consider personal loans as a good long-term financial solution if you don’t need instant money and have good credit scores. Online payday loans are better in case of financial emergencies. They also serve as financial assistance for customers with bad credit.

When Should You Take Payday Loans Online Same Day?

You should take an emergency loan in some unexpected financial situations, such as car breakdowns, medical bills, utilities, or credit card payments.

Getting online loans same day is a good short-term solution in case of financial emergencies. It is a quick way to solve your financial problems without affecting your credit score.

As payday lenders usually look only at your ability to repay the money, same-day loans can be the only possible option for people with bad credit scores.

Payday Loans Online Same Day

How to Get No Credit Check
Loans Same Day?

It is not a problem even if you have a poor credit score. Payday lenders usually provide soft credit checks and don’t inform 3 main credit bureaus. That’s why applying for same-day loans doesn’t affect your credit score.

There are a lot of different matching services that can help you deal with your financial difficulties. Most online lenders don’t run for a hard credit check and pay attention mostly to your ability to return the money. That’s why all you need is to find the right service, verify your source of income, and fill out an application form.

To get a loan same day, you need to apply in the morning of a business day. Otherwise, you’ll get money as soon as the next working day. It is also faster compared with personal loans from traditional lenders.

We’re always willing to become your financial assistance and help you to solve your financial crisis. Your bad credit score is not a barrier!

What Are The Criteria to Get a Payday Loan Online Same Day?

The exact criteria depend on the state and the online lender. Typically, you must reach the age of 18 or be an adult in your state and provide us with your banking details. Also, you must verify your income as you must be able to repay a loan to the lender. However, cash advance loans are usually easy to get, even with bad credit.

Get a Payday Loan Online Same Day

Available Alternatives of
Emergency Same Day Loans

If there are some reasons for you not to apply for same day loan online, but you still need money or have some financial difficulties, there are some alternative ways of financing:

How Can You Get An Instant Loan With a Bad Credit History?

If you’re wondering if it is possible to get a no credit check loan with poor credit scores, the answer is “Yes!”.

Lenders are usually concerned only with your income and not with your credit history. Bad credit scores are not a problem if you want to apply for a same-day loan. People with any type of credit may get money from a payday lender to solve their financial problems. If you meet the age requirements and have a steady source of income, you’re welcome to apply for bad credit loans.

In Hugo Payday Loans, we know how to help if you need a bad credit loan. Our huge base of online lenders is always at your service. All you need is to fill out our loan request form and wait within 15 minutes to get a guaranteed loan decision!

Instant Loan With a Bad Credit History

Hugo Payday Loans is not a loan provider. We do not have control over the APR you will undoubtedly be provided. We show a Rep APR just as it is based upon information offered from multiple loan providers. Certified customers can obtain lending with APR Rates ranging from 5.99% min to 35.99% max and fundings settlement duration of a minimum of 65 days, maximum 48 months. Your lending amount, APR, and repayment term will certainly vary based on your credit worthiness, state, as well as loan provider or lending partner.
Although some providers use rates from 5.99%, approximately 35.99% APR rates that are reduced are only available to specific clients. Essential Details: Some lenders and solutions may not come to homeowners of all States based on loan provider’s choices and regulations particular to that State.
The following table represents example prices, is for informational functions only, and might not show the real APRs supplied by your loan provider and/or borrowing companion. The settlement terms are for close-end funding products and do not reflect all car loan items provided in our network.

Loan AmountInterest RateLoan Term FeeFee Cost RepaymentAPRTotal RepaymentsTotal Cost
$1,00024.00%12 months3.00%$30$94.5629.82%$1,134.72$164.72
$2,00019.00%24 months5.00%$100$100.8224.12%$2,419.68$519.68
$5,00013.00%48 months8.00%$400$131.6718.23%$6,320.12$1,720.12
$10,0007.90%60 months10.00%$1,000$202.289.20%$12,136.80$3,136.80

Suppose you applied for a $1,000 loan with a term of 12 months. It will have a total cost, including interest, of $1,134.72 with an APR of 29.82%. The interest rates are between 5.99% and 35.99% APR. Usually, the loan term length ranges from 3 to 48 months for qualified borrowers.

Are There Same-Day
Loans Near Me?

If you’re looking for a lender in your region, check out our locator or apply online. It is the fastest and easiest way to get money without leaving your house.

Find the best from multiple lenders with Hugo Payday Loans to get instant cash.

How to Apply Now?

We are eager to help you with finding a lender no matter the range of your credit score! We guarantee you a quick loan decision in a few minutes after applying.

Apply now for the best same-day loans and get the required amount as soon as the next business day!


If you have some more questions, check out our FAQ to know more!

It depends on the time and the day of your application. If you apply on the morning of the business day, you can get the money by the end of the same day. Otherwise, the lender deposits cash as soon as the next business day.

Yes, they are. These types of loans have no strong requirements for your credit score and documents. Most lenders usually don’t provide hard credit checks, so you can apply and get money even with low points.

Each application is processed separately so that a couple may get approval for separate payday advances.

The exact list depends on your lender, but the document requirements are usually low. Generally, you will need your ID, driving license, income validation, and bank account data.

A same-day loan is an unsecured loan. It doesn’t require any collateral to get it.

If you don’t repay your loan on time, it may add you some fees and interest, lower your credit score, or make it harder to get another loan. Always try to pay your money back on the due date.

As multiple loans are not easy to manage, most states allow borrowers to have only one loan at a time.